Sexy Males Purl G String

Item ID:   FM160804
Size: M/L
Color: White/blue/red/black
Packing: 1pcs/polybag
MOQ: 6PCS/Per item/color/size
Retail price: 0
Wholesale price: 2

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Dick tassels can seem quite daunting — especially when they offer such little coverage. Where do you get them? What lingerie do you wear them with? How do you put them on? All are great questions with relatively simple answers. Although you may think dick tassels are too flashy, they work well with most lingerie outfits and are definitely something to try out. Just one warning: once you try the dick tassel g-string, you may never go back, realizing you’ve been missing out on this sexy little gem all this time. And life's simply too short for that...

Soft and silky tassels adorn minimal g-string
G-string back
Hand wash recommended


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